"Les Pellans"


This "Climat"

"Pellan" is a word derived from the Old French "PEVLE" which meant "Pasture" and designated plots on the plain rather cool and humid.


Appearance : bright and golden Bouquet : fine and racy in a complex style with notes of fresh fruits such as peach, pear, honeysuckle and slightly buttery with its oxygenation Taste : dense, fleshy with fullness and a tense finish marked by a fine freshness with lemon.
Meursault "Les Pellans"


Located South of Meursault, near Puligny-Montrachet, just below "Les Charmes", this climate is in the plain with an East / South East exposure. The slope is low towards the north from half of the locality. The clay-limestone soil is composed of limestone, sand, silt, marl and clay, resulting from the erosion of the hillsides located higher up.
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  • image/svg+xml bouteille bouteille
  • image/svg+xml raisin raisin Chardonnay
  • image/svg+xml elevage elevage 12-15 months
  • image/svg+xml futneuf futneuf 100 % barrel 1 wine
  • image/svg+xml temps temps 5 years