Our Values 
To become part of  
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    Heritage and History in seeking Excellence,...

    Created on the foundations of a century-old company in Meursault, the Parcellaires "de Saulx" embody the Heritage and History of Burgundian wine houses and of its location.

    Heritage that is hidden from view, our vast, deep and temperate cellars incarnate the genesis of our House in the dark created by these historical stones.

    In keeping with this Heritage, we have restored a small tailor-made wine house on this site, a company whose reputation regilds the image of the past.

    We are peaceful in the knowledge that we are able to pass on this small wine house to future generations so that they can perpetuate its history and reputation.

    Indeed, our vocation, after having been granted custodianship of this heritage and further enriched and developed it, is to pass it on so that it endures over time.

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    ...of respect for the Terroirs,
    Nature and Humainkind,... 

    With the creation of Parcellaires "de Saulx" in 2017, we approached the wine house tradition in a different way.

    We are first and foremost wine producers, owners of our vines and for our wine house we uphold the same convictions as those we apply to our domains.

    We select and buy our grapes, our musts or our wine with the greatest possible care and attention, always keeping in mind the key specifics and principles that govern the vinification and ageing of our wines.

    Respect for the terroir with small vintages produced from single plots, with no blending of wines. Each of the wines we produce comes from a single source.

    Respect for Nature by partnerships with wine growers who share our organic and biodynamic practices.

    These restrictive rules that we voluntarily set ourselves out of respect for the Terroirs and for Nature are the basis for our work and the guiding principles that govern our quest for Excellence.

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    ...with Honesty and Humility. 

    In the cellars of the Parcellaires "de Saulx" we do our work with Humility and Honesty.

    We select, with passion, the terroirs that fulfil our requirements and we pursue, with Honesty, our vision of a micro wine house that is Plot-based and does not blend wines.

    With Humility, we vinify and age the grapes, musts and wines produced in our cellars that have been produced by our wine growing colleagues who share our values and strive to perpetuate the Excellence of their work.

    With Honesty and Humility, through the Parcellaires "de Saulx" we convey the art of wine production, the magic of the terroir and the strength of our convictions and our requirements in order to share the wealth and diversity of the Grands Vins of Burgundy.