Saint Romain

"Les Perrières"

Volputuous and Fresh

This "Climat"

This climate takes its name from the proximity of an ancient stone path.


Apparence : bright pale yellow Bouquet : a powerful bouquet with attractive notes of orange blossom and spicy oak In the mouth : rich and voluptuous with a fresh finish that gives it balance
Saint Romain "Les Perrières"


Saint Romain is a vineyard of valley and altitude with swirling winds due to the rocky cirque which overhangs the village. This micro-climate guarantees a beautiful freshness and an optimal sanitary state.
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  • image/svg+xml bouteille bouteille
  • image/svg+xml raisin raisin Chardonnay
  • image/svg+xml elevage elevage 12-15 months
  • image/svg+xml futneuf futneuf 100% barrel 1 Wine
  • image/svg+xml temps temps 5 years