Crisp and Fine

This "Climat"

This Climat is situated at the mouth of the Combe Prévenelle and its relief is undulating. "Combereau" is an ancient derivative of "Comberat" which means rocky valley.


Appearance: Intense ruby Bouquet: Bouquet of fresh red fruits In the mouth: Fruity notes, tannins notably present and good aromatic persistence.
Marsannay "Combereau"


This terroir consists of dry dark brown soil with marl and clay combined with calcareous gravel.
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  • image/svg+xml bouteille bouteille
  • image/svg+xml raisin raisin Pinot Noir
  • image/svg+xml elevage elevage 12-15 months
  • image/svg+xml futneuf futneuf 100% barrel 1 Wine
  • image/svg+xml temps temps 7 years