Spicy and elegant


Appearance: Brilliant red Bouquet: Very light peony floral fragrances supplemented with intense ripe raspberry and redcurrant aromas and lifted with a spicy hint of clove and white pepper. In the mouth: Complexity and balance, lots of intensity and a good body, silky texture with well-integrated tannins, woody elegance, generous and satisfying finish.


Oriented towards the rising sun, this terroir consists of limestone mixed with clay-rich marl to a depth that ranges from a few tens of centimetres to one metre.
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  • image/svg+xml bouteille bouteille
  • image/svg+xml raisin raisin Pinot Noir
  • image/svg+xml elevage elevage 12-15 months
  • image/svg+xml futneuf futneuf 100% barrel 1 Wine
  • image/svg+xml temps temps 7 years