Since the beginning of the 20th century
The History
a century-old Wine House 
Les Parcellaires de Saulx is a tailor-made wine house located in Meursault which was created in September 2017 on the foundations of a centuries-old establishment located in the same premises.

The 20th century

In fact, a wine house company has existed on this site since the beginning of the 20th century.


This company belonged to Monsieur Garnier and was then acquired in March 1954 by the Société de Diffusion et de Vente des Grands Vins which later became known as the Manoir Murisaltien, after the name used to refer to the inhabitants of the commune of Meursault.


This company was then acquired by a Swiss family in 1995.    


The company resold it in May 2017 to its current owners, an American couple who are passionate about the French way of living, and its director, Jean-Luc Vitoux.


They are also the owners of the champagne production company Leclerc Briant, acquired in 2012, Domaine Belleville in Rully and the Château de la Commaraine and its Clos in Monopole of 4 hectares located in Pommard.